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About Us

Welcome to your premier destination for cutting-edge Canadian HVAC solutions, where innovation meets reliability. Our revolutionary patent pending, and industrial design, has elevated system protection to unprecedented heights through precision engineering. With 360 degree weather protection, our weather guards set a new standard for resilience and efficiency, ensuring optimal operation even in the face of the most adverse weather conditions.

This is a new era of HVAC protection, where our state-of-the-art weather guards seamlessly integrate into the market through a robust network of professionals. You can now confidently embrace the future of HVAC technology, knowing that your systems are fortified by the latest innovations and optimal service and reliability.

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We Design For:

Our WeatherXP guards are designed for a range of  Heat Pumps:

  • Mitsubishi Heat Pumps (22 different models offered)

  • Mits Air Heat Pumps (4 models offered)

  • Trane Resolute 3 Ton

  • GE Connect 3 Ton

  • Kinghome 3 Ton

  • Napoleon 3 Ton

  • GREE 3 Ton


Reduces Front Fan Icing 

Prevents ice build up on the system's exterior, ensuring efficient performance in cold weather.

No Drilling Required 

Easy solution, no drilling required. Ten minute installation.

Rear Sensor Protection

Enhances system reliability by safeguarding critical sensors from environmental factors and potential damage.

Reduces Defrost Cycle 

Optimizing energy efficiency by reducing the defrost cycle up to 50%.

360 Degree Weather Protection 

Offers 360- degree weather protection, shielding your system from unwanted weather elements and debris to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Cost Saving

Cost saving and energy efficient.

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5151 Everest Drive, Unit #6, 
Mississauga ON, L4W 2R4

(416) 807-5889 
(647) 309-5889 

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