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About Us

Introducing our WeatherXP Toppers

WeatherXP Toppers– your trusted source for innovative, Canadian-made solutions designed to safeguard your heating and cooling systems. At the forefront of technological excellence, our patent pending HVAC weather guards proudly boast an industrial design that sets a new standard in protecting your valuable investments. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, our weather guards are engineered in Canada. 

In an era where climate control is paramount, WeatherXP Toppers stand as a shield against the unpredictable forces of nature. We understand the critical role your heating and cooling systems play in maintaining a comfortable environment, and our mission is to enhance their longevity and performance. Our cutting-edge guards provide a robust defense against external elements, ensuring optimal efficiency and durability for your HVAC systems.


 G4Energy Inc is proud to share our newest product, welcoming a new era of performance and reliability. 

We Design For:

Our WeatherXP toppers are designed for a range of  Heat Pumps:

  • Mitsubishi Heat Pumps (22 different models offered)

  • Mits Air Heat Pumps (4 models offered)

  • Trane Resolute 3 Ton

  • GE Connect 3 Ton

  • Kinghome 3 Ton

  • Napoleon 3 Ton

  • GREE 3 Ton


360° Weather Protection

360 degree weather protection from outdoor elements

Front Fan Protection

Protects the front fan assembly from snow and ice 

Rear Sensor Protection

Protects the rear sensor, which reduces the defrost cycle

No Drilling Required

Easy installation, no drilling required. Ten minute installation

Defrost Cycle Reduction

Reduces the defrost cycle in cold weathe by 50%


Cost saving, energy efficient

Need your topper today?

(416) 807-5889

We can provide great, quick service, cost-efficent, cost savings weather guards throughout all of GTA and surrounding areas. 

These guys certainly do go above and beyond right down to covering the unit to prevent damage. I cannot thank you all enough! Complete professionalism. If I had two words to describe the experience it would be integrity and ingenuity. Thank you G4 Energy and team!!!

Anthony D. 

Contact Us



192 Wild Rice Trail 
Port Severn, ON L0K 1S0

5151 Everest Drive Unit #6, Mississauga ON L4W 2R4

(416) 807-5889 
(647) 309-5889 

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